“I know your big party was a huge success and was extremely upset not to make it. I had a previous engagement and thought I could run from one to another but found that I couldn’t. I’m sure everyone was much impressed with the collection and your masterful organization of materials and artifacts.”
Cynthia Krusell
Town Historian
President of Historc Winslow House Association
Former Marshfield Historic Commission
Author of various Marshfield historical publications


“We were both very impressed with all the work that has been done to restore the Marcia Thomas House. It is definetely a wonderful addition to our “Historical” community. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to accomplish that feat.”
Norma Haskins
Marshfield Historical Commission


“Thank you for the great tour and presentation on Saturday. You have done tremendous things with the Marcia Thomas House and should be very proud.”
Mark A. Schmidt
Executive Director
Historic 1699 Winslow House


“The Marcia Thomas House has become a real show place of Marshfield history. Congratulations.”
Otis Carney, Chair
Marshfield Historical Commission


“Elsie and I were amazed at the progress that has been made since the last time we were at the Thomas house…”
Al Almieda
Marshfield Historical Commission


“Thanks so much for the invitation! It was great to see …how well the museum has progressed into quite a great educational resource. Thanks again!”
Jim Cantwell
Massachusetts State Representative
Former Massachusetts Historical Commission
Former Chair Daniel Webster Preservation Trust (DWPT)