In the summer of 2017, the Board of the Marshfield Historical Society established a Collections Acquisition Fund for use by our Curator in purchasing important artifacts relating to the history of the Town of Marshfield.  This fund was established when the Board recognized an opportunity to purchase a 18th c. Queen Anne drop-leaf table. 

The Curator made a generous offer to the owner of this table (which had previously been up for auction) who then refused our offer and made no effort to negotiate.  The Board then realized that this item was no longer available for purchase. 

We received some generous donations from members and friends of the Society thinking that this table could be purchased as listed in the auction document.  We have tried to contact each of these donors to ask their permission to place their donations in our Collections Acquisitions Fund.

In September 2017, our Curator purchased several important ledger books of the Roger’s Store covering years that complimented similar ledgers already in our possession using funds available in the Collections Acquisition Fund.  In addition to these items (which reflect the purchasing habits of 19th century Marshfield Hills residents), she bought the records of a packet boat that served the residents and retailers that were located nearby the North River during that same period.  The Board agrees with the Curator that these items have even greater historical value than the drop-leaf table.

When historically-important items like the ledgers and the table come up for sale, one must act quickly to make an offer to purchase because there may be several interested potential buyers.  It is, for this reason, that the Board created the Collections Acquisitions Fund and has licensed our Curator to act swiftly and bid up to the then-current fund value.

Periodically the Marshfield Historical Society will make an appeal to its members and friends to replenish the Collections Acquisitions Fund to a target level of $3,000.  This is an example of how the Marshfield Historical Society is working on behalf of those citizens of Marshfield that value the tangible items of their local heritage. 

If you feel that this mission is well-directed, please consider making a donation to the “Marshfield Historical Society, Collects Acquisition Fund” by sending a check to MHS, PO Box 1244, Marshfield, MA 02050.