Collectable, limited-edition 100thanniversary ceramic Marshfield history mugs

MHS Mugs at $20 can be purchased by contacting Cindy Castro   at  




Local artist Sally Dean-Mello has released the 14th of her series of Holiday Ornaments… this one featuring the Marcia Thomas House, headquarters of the Marshfield Historical Society.    





These are ideal gifts for your friends. They fit into a stocking easily. Friends of the Marshfield Historical Society would be proud to display our Blacksmith Shop throughout the year in their home. They are collector’s items and we have numbers lower than 100 (out of 500 maximum).

Profits from the sale of these ornaments will be used to defray the maintenance costs of the Blacksmith Shop.

Each ornament costs $15. Postage and handling is $3 per order. If you want three (3) ornaments mailed to you, the cost would be $48, two (2) would cost $33 and one (1) would be $18.


A wonderful history of our Town. A must for anyone interested  in Marshfield’s history by Cynthia Hagar Krusell  and Betty Magoun Bates.   $40.00  Includes Shipping



A beautiful pictorial history of Marshfield.

A beautiful pictorial history of Marshfield by Cynthia Hagar  Krusell and John Galluzzo.   $19.00 + $3.00 Shipping




A history of the Plymouth Colony from 1680 to 1690 by Cynthia Hagar Krusell. A history of the Plymouth Colony from 1680 to 1690 by  Cynthia Hagar Krusell.  $20.00  + $3.00 Shipping





A wonderful pictorial of “Yesterday’s Marshfield” by Robin Mitchell img_0160with historical information provided by Janet E. Peterson.  $34.95






A unique collection of toys made from wood from the Hatch Mill by Arron Loomis of Marshfield.  What is pictured is what we have.  $20.00 each + $3.00 Shipping



A 100th Anniversary Marshfield Historical Society Centennial Bookmark.  $2.00  Free Shipping

A unique Summer Parasol to help keep you cool at the Marshfield Fair.  $15.00  + $3.00 Shipping.


To purchase any of these items please contact  the MHS Store Director, Cindy Castro,  or send us a note under the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the top of the page.