The Winslow School House is located at the intersection of Webster and Careswell Streets. Attached to the front exterior of the School House, a plaque states “original Winslow School House. Built in 1857 on land given for a school by the Daniel Webster family. One of eight early district schools in Marshfield. Used until 1910. Dedicated to the Marshfield Historical Society by Walton Hall and restored by a bequest from Edward C. Ford.”

Another reference (Marshfield, A Town of Villages 1640-1990 by Cynthia Hagar Krusell and Betty Magoun Bates, page 23) refers to the “Winslow School, Green Harbor District, stands on Webster Street. Opened until 1910, the Marshfield Historical Society acquired the building and the land in 1925. During the 1920’s and 1930’s Edward C. Ford, President of the Marshfield Historical Society, operated an antique shop called “The Careswell Shop” in the school which he rented from the Society. The school was renovated with a bequest from Edward C. Ford and opened as headquarters for the Marshfield Historical Society on October 11, 1969.”

In 2015 the Marshfield Historical Society received a grant from the Community Preservation Act. This historic, one room school house, visited annually by third grade classes across town, is to be restored to its original condition and functionality with structural repairs.

In addition, the Society is in the process of applying to have the school house put on the National Register of Historical Places.